About Counter Fit

Counter Fit was born from the concept of high energy dance music that would satisfy a broad base audience out to enjoy a live show! Our band members come from a diverse background of musical tastes and experience. Jazz, soul, blues, rock, progressive, swing, modern, and classic are all words that describe the 5 members of Counter Fit.

As our name suggests, Counter Fit crosses a wide variety of musical genres. While this may seem sloppy to some, it is done with deliberate intent! Songs are carefully selected based on energy, popularity, and “dancability” –  then strategically placed in our set list to allow it to breathe with dynamic intensity. This cross-genre philosophy allows us to reach a broad spectrum of music lovers, playing songs that will reach most everyone!

But we have to draw the line somewhere! While “Never Say Never” may best articulate our ideals, we have decided to focus on music from the 80’s to today. Does that mean you won’t hear classic 70’s hits from Heart, Clapton, or Boston? Not in the least! We are always open to select older songs that will grab the musical soul of our audience and make them move like a Boov! (I’ve been told “Boov” is not a commonly known term. It’s an obscure movie reference known only to parents. Visit here when you’re done reading and you’ll understand!)

So what can you expect at a Counter Fit show? Variety, fun, smiles, laughs, audience participation (but no pyrotechnics)! Expect to hear music from the likes of Bon Jovi, Journey, Green Day, Garth Brooks, VolBeat, Johnny Cash, Avril Lavigne, Train, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Susan Tedeschi, Karmin, Van Halen, and more! So why not come out and spend an evening with us on a trip through time?

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Megan, Walt, Ric, Freddy, and Rob