Walt’s Rig Rant!

So here is all my Tech stuff that I get to play with!

Mic – Audio Technica 3100 Series Wireless

In Ear Monitor – Audio Technica M3 Wireless System and Westone ES50 Custom Ears

Guitars – Line 6 JTV-89 James Tyler Variax Modeling Electric, Fender Stratocaster Electric, Yamaha RGZ-312 Electric, Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

Amps/Pedals – I’m ampless, (which is way easier on the back)! Line 6 POD HD 500X Direct In to the console.

Vocal FX –  TC Helicon Voice Live 2 (No autotune selected!)

Yamaha MOFX6 Keyboard

(2) iPad 2’s on Mic Stand mounts (1 for the PA, and 1 because I forget words!)

Stuffed Minions

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